Keeler Products® shares its depth of resources

Grandville, MI, July 24,2014

Keeler Products®, a Grandville, Michigan Company with a heritage dating back over 120 years, demonstrates the depth of its resources.

Inheriting a piece of fine furniture from a relative can often bring back childhood memories. Many times, we have more questions than answers about the history of the pieces. This is why Keeler Products has always been open to answering questions and sharing information about pieces that it produced in years past.

One such inquire happened in July.
According to Missy Schneible, Social Media & Marketing Administrator, “A customer contacted us about obtaining some information about a 90 year old pull she found on her newly inherited antique. Sure enough, we were able to locate the master, sketches and drawings of the pull in our archives. The blueprints date back to 1922.” Missy also went on to say “This is by no means rare. We are always happy to help.”

With a legacy dating back over 120 years and a history of working with fine furniture makers, it sounds as if the Keeler Products® archives will be a busy place.

If you have a question about a piece you acquired, please contact:

Keeler Products
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About Keeler Products®
Keeler Products® is a division of Belwith® Products, LLC. The art of crafting the highest quality hardware, coupled with a passion for excellence, has kept Keeler Products® in business since 1893.