120 Years in the Making

Through the years, Keeler has become one of the most renowned hardware brands in the United States. In 2013, we celebrated our 120th anniversary by reaching out to the West Michigan community, collecting stories about Keeler and sending the Keeler Traveling Lizard around the world.


Keeler Acquisition

JVA Associates purchased the company, making Keeler a privately held company for the first time since 1979. As a result of new ownership, Keeler has experienced huge growth by expanding their investments in technology and new product designs.


High Point Restoration

Keeler purchased and restored a historical landmark at 1006 North Main St. High Point, NC. The house dates to 1905 and was renovated to mirror its glory days. Throughout the years, many architectural features had been hidden. Renovators discovered old pocket doors made of crafted oak. The house still serves as a showroom for Keeler.


Fire at Keeler

The American Box Board Company was a joint tenant with Keeler in a facility located downtown Grand Rapids. In 1975, a fire at the American Box Board Company caused an estimated loss of half a million dollars to the Keeler building and inventory.


The Keeler Family

Mike and Mary Ann Keeler, the owners of Keeler from 1962-1979, were strongly supportive of modern arts and philanthropy. In 1969, they contributed to the acquisition of the famous La Grande Vitesse. They also donated $7.5 million to the music and performing arts center that is now called the DeVos Performance Hall.


Die Casting

Three years after implementing die casting, Keeler’s investments in machinery and innovation earned it the title “the most modern zinc die casting plant in the world.” Die-casting was cleaner and less expensive than sand casting and created a very strong part.


The Great Depression

Between 1931 and 1932, total sales were halved as a result of the reverberating effects of the Great Depression. During these years, Keeler forged ahead in technology, culminating in the development of the stainless steel handle for Studebaker and Ford. This allowed Keeler to remain competitive; carrying Keeler through Hoover’s Reconstruction Period.


A Year of Innovation

In 1921, Keeler added a wooden screw division to production. Keeler was the first screw maker outside of the east coast. By 1922, Keeler was named the most modern screw maker in the world due to their heavy investments in innovative machinery.